Courses and Tuition 2015

Weekend Harp Courses are no longer being held. Online tuition, however is VERY popular!


Private Tuition

Sarah teaching Jenny Hill in the late 1980's, Jenny went on to be a professional harpist herself!

If you are worried about how you will continue after the course you may want to think about on-line harp lessons from the Cornwall Harp centre. These one to one live lessons are simple to achieve if you have a computer with a camera and headset/microphone, the software which is downloadable free, and a decent broadband connection. Lessons can be fortnightly or monthly and they are backed up by e mail. This teaching method also saves hours of travelling time! Many of Sarah's on-line students have achieved exam passes via these lessons, so it is a perfectly serious form of study. Many students back up their on-line lessons with one or two courses a year, but on-line lessons have enabled many people to successfully progress with the harp when otherwise they would have struggled to do so.

For more information please see the 'on-line lessons' page on this website.

When looking for a harp teacher, you are entitled to ask them for their qualifications, and no properly qualified teacher will mind you asking! Unfortunately in some areas, musicians who have taught themselves the harp, are teaching harp to others, but they know nothing about harp technique and can cause untold damage. So before embarking on what is a long term learning process and one that costs quite a lot of money, please check that your teacher IS qualified specifically in harp!

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